Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer


  • Our aluminum frame is extremely durable. No matter where the job takes you, trust that your trailer will never crack or rust.

    (model pictured - 7' x 12' Plus)

Trusted by Professionals

  • Some of the hardest working crews in the industry chose the ATC Fiber Optic Trailer because of its frame. They understand that strength is needed when the miles start to rack up.

    (model pictured - 7' x 12' Plus)

Dual Panel Cable Access Door

  • Our dual layered cable access door is weather tight. We also increased the bristle gap to 4" to accommodate higher splice counts.

    (model pictured - 7' x 12' Plus. FOSC clamp not included)


  • We use all LED lights, including task lighting under our cabinets, shining directly on your workspace. Exterior lighting includes high output scene lights for night or early morning jobs, as well as strobe lights and directional arrows to keep you safe from traffic.

    (model pictured - 7' x 12' Plus. FOSC clamp not included)

4.0K or 5.5K Generator

We’ve outfitted our trailer with efficient, high output, LED lights that only need a 4.0K generator to operate. A 4.0K gen is smaller than the industry standard, allowing us to direct more value toward quality and durability, while staying at a competitive price point. But, we also provide an upgrade to a 5.5K Gen.

8" Main Beam

An investment in an ATC Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer is an investment in durability. This trailer will rack up miles, so we’ve built our base frame with 8” aluminum tubes. And we’ve welded the base frame, ceiling and walls into one fully integrated frame.

Cable Access Door

Our improved, weather tight, duel layered fiber optic cable access doors offer better security and interior temperature control.

Easier Maneuverability

We’ve extended our triple tube tongue 12” to help with towing maneuverability. We’ve included an adjustable height hitch to ensure the trailer matches your truck.

model pictured - 7' x 12' Plus


A window on each door and a slider window on each side wall allow for a well lit working environment.

Optional Exterior
Access Storage

Along with the numerous cabinets, drawers and shelves on the interior, we’ve maximized storage potential with this access to storage inside an interior counter. Available on the 7' x 12' plus model.

Weather Resistant

Our duel layered cable access door is designed to be weather resistant, even when the exterior door is open.

model pictured - 7' x 12' Plus