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Service & Warranty

Service & Warranty

Whether you find a defect with your trailer or you simply want to add something special, we have you covered!

At ATC we consider our service to be a core attribute. We care a great deal about your satisfaction with your trailer. As a result, our service and warranty department provides some of the best service and care in the industry. We understand that the popularity of our trailers depends largely on how you, as a customer, feel about the way we treat you. We go above and beyond to ensure that you are completely happy with your trailer.

We are also there for you if you have problems with your trailer and need immediate service. Don't have an ATC trailer but need to have your current trailer upfitted or serviced? ATC has you covered. We can also work on your non-ATC trailer as well. We want to be your go-to source for all things trailer and our service and warranty department is trained to provide help on any kind of trailer. Because the head of the department is also an Owner of ATC, you'll always have immediate answers that you can rely on.


The Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC) warrants to the original purchaser that its trailers will be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal operating conditions as provided in the Limited Warranties below. The Limited Warranty shall not be deemed to have failed its essential purpose so long as ATC, or through its authorized dealers, is willing and able to repair, replace, or adjust defective parts in the prescribed manner. The 5 year structural warranty is transferable subject to the conditions indicated, and is limited to defects in workmanship performed by ATC only.

5 Year Warranty

The 5 year Warranty covers all Open Car Hauler,
Quest, and Signature trailers

Download our 5 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

The 3 year Warranty covers all Open Utility and Raven trailers

Download our 3 Year Warranty